Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

In our current Voice and MBB Services Tariff Plans Benchmarking edition we observed, mostly in the Western Europe, continuous trends of decreasing prices and an increasing of data allowances and consumption with a consequent growing demand for Networks ...

Open access fiber

New investment opportunities opening up for gigabit broadband in Europe

Putting digital at the heart of the economic recovery

COVID-19 has pushed digitalization everywhere. What’s needed now is the right government action to accelerate the transition to a smart economy.

Travel & transportation

Travel & transport: the road aheadOur services in Travel and Transportation range from consulting on asset-based strategy development and business process optimisation through to implementation support in major change initiatives, management of ...

Dematerialized ticketing

Delivering an enhanced ticketing experience in mass transit networks

The Future of Mobility post-COVID

Turning the crisis into an opportunity to accelerate towards more sustainable, resilient and human-centric urban mobility systems


Historic challenges for the automotive industry The automotive industry is going through a series of step changes. The rapid growth of megacities, the greying of Western societies and new technological developments are presenting OEMs around the globe ...

Transforming car sales in a perfect storm

The COVID-19 crisis gives OEMs the opportunity to quickly evolve the car distribution model

Future car sales – how to go direct?

Carmakers need to address the transition to direct sales and new business models